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I have several items for sale 1) Box of 100 new Federal unprimed 7-30 Waters brass. Item #P730 UP $110 shipped 2) 2 boxes of 100 ( 200 total) Hornady Interlock.284.Custom Formed 7-30 Waters Brass. the 7-30 Waters has gained wider popularity among handloaders who shoot spitzer bullets in. Great way to go if 7-30 brass.

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Reloading for 32-40 | Winchester Shooting and Hunting. Home Forum Winchester Shooting and Hunting. in the process of looking for some cast bullets to.• 7-30 Waters Re-Update (Pet Loads) • Economical Case Cleaner. • Cast Bullets in the.243 and 6mm • 9mm Re-Update • Anatomy of a Handloading Accident.

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Mountain Molds. A rational approach to cast bullets. Mountain Molds Board index hi velocity; 110 grain bullet in the 7-30 Waters.7-30 Waters Contender---Now what?. What is the favored cast bullet mold for the 7-30 Waters in a 14" Contender?. what wt bullets shoot best out of 30 Herrett?.

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TC4527 Contender 14 Blue 7-30 Waters Pistol Barrel-This TC45227 Contender 14 Blue pistol barrel chambered in 7-30 Waters is brand new and in factory packaging. it has.

Loc: SW Montana Offline Can anyone recommend a bullet for 7-30 Waters that will not cause too much pelt damage on coyote?. How would a hard cast bullet do?.» Cast Bullets » Cast Boolits Home. Rifles. Rifle Reloads. 7-30 Waters: 7 mm-08 Remington: 7 x 57 Mauser (.275 Rigby).

7-30 Waters Improved (7-30 Bullberry). to in either the standard 7x30 or its improved version is case neck and bullet run. your own in these waters,.Gone But Not Forgotten. Waters’ little seven never really took off as a leveraction round. Even cast bullets do exceedingly well.

I have had a 7-30 Waters TC for. In that respect a cast bullet is not too large in diameter as long as it will still slide in and out of the neck of a case.

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TAFFIN TESTS THE.30-30. Wrong bullet, wrong target. For some cast bullets this may mean leaving some lube grooves exposed,.

My favorite bullet is a Sierra SSP in 130 grains for my 7-30 Waters. It is a very soft bullet made for. Loc: Central Florida. The cast bullets I make myself and.

» Cast Bullets » Cast Boolits Home » Bull Shop » Williams Firearms » Reloaders Guide. Our Goal. 7-30 Waters: FIREARM: RIFLES: LEAD TYPE: Sierra single shot p.Buy 7-30 Waters Centerfire Rifle Ammunition on sale online at discount prices in our Centerfire Rifle Ammunition department. 7-30 Waters Bullet Type:.

Can I use one of the 7mm cast bullets?. for the 7-30 Waters in bullet speeds from 1746fps to 2300fps with common powders out of a 20" universal reciever barrel.All Load Data Handgun: Rifle. Sort. I lube my cast bullets with Apache Blue in the grooves then roll then in Lee Liquid Alox for extra protection.Lee 7/30 Waters PaceSetter 3-Die Set includes a Full Length Sizing Die, Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die, Factory Crimp Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder.Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Hunting Gun Reloading Dies. accept cast bullets. 7-30 Waters. Material:Hardened Steel. Bullet.I have a Contender carbine in 7-30. The 7-30 Waters was developed to try and get a flatter shooting cartridge into a. it's strictly a cast bullet range.

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